Monday, 16 July 2018

Is There an Igloo for Rent?

You would have to be a mad dog, not sure about an Englishman, to be out in today's heat. 41C with the humidex- and that's been the story for much of the summer. I heard today that the rest of July and August are going to be seasonal- and I am clinging desperately to that.

This has been a pretty unproductive summer so far. I had great plans too- I was going to piece a quilt for the TV room, make table runners, spin and do  a ton of knitting. Yeah, it hasn't happened. I didn't even take part in the Tour de Fleece. I sold 2 of my spinning wheels, my Ladybug and the Wee Peggy. I think the guilt about not using them just finally got to me.

I have been knitting a bit....
This is the second pair of Milet mittens- they do go surprisingly quick, but you sort of need to actually do it. Le sigh.
I began these socks- the pattern is Salix by Verybusymonkey. Her patterns are always great, she's a real favourite of mine. The yarn is a new-to-me dyer,
Midknit Cravings- and I really like her yarn.

This summer, every Saturday night we are watching a film by David Lynch. The book above was just available in June. Lynch always said he had no interest in doing an autobiography. The format of the book was interviews done by a writer he trusted, and he adds commentary at the end of the chapters. It was fascinating and worth the wait. If you're a fan of Lynch, and I am a huge one, this is a must read. He always remained true to his visions- and the one time he gave up final cut on a film- Dune- he realized he wouldn't do it again, but it taught him something. He also feels, through TM (Transcendental Meditation) that world peace is achievable in this lifetime. You have to admire that- he walks the walk.

I am attempting a new hobby, which I am loving more than I thought I ever would, and have made time in my day for practice.

Make room in your life for something you love. Peace out.

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