Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The Good, The Bad and the Downright Ugly

I'll begin with the good. This week, a new royal baby was born. I was sitting at the Volkswagon dealership waiting for an oil change. I was thinking how nice it was to see some good news, and everyone looked so happy.

Later, a news report of an incident of people being killed while outside in North Toronto, by some guy who had anger issues. You can read about that here-  and I wondered how something like this happens. There is no answer, and there is no making sense of any of it. What is most hard to come to terms with is why the need for all those families who suffered loss, and those injured? Let's be clear- it could happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and the lack of control any of us have over it is overwhelming.

Okay. I've said what I need to.

I've been working on my Brighton Rock. This is slow growing, and I have very little attention span.

I've finished some Harris Tweed socks (free pattern on Ravelry). A really simple, but effective pattern, in Socks That Rock "Pumpkin Patched".

The kitties are going through an enforced adjustment. Usually, they are allowed to graze the kibble bowl, and I give them soft food every morning. What has been happening is that bully Clawed nudges the other two away from theirs when he hoovers up his, and they get very little, and he throws up from eating too fast. So, everyone gets a tablespoon of kibble, and I split a can of soft food 3 ways. Twice a day.

They are so hungry they eat whatever they get. Less waste, less rotund kitties. We also get rock'em sock'em robots while I'm filling the bowls.
Clawed gives me the deathstare, usually around dinner time. In the morning, if that food isn't out and I am still in bed, he chomps my calf. How do they know where to inflict the most pain?

Better times, huh?

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  1. I have been having food issues with Suzy, too. Just one cat, but still issues. First the vet wanted her to lose weight. So, reduced food. Then apparently that worked too well, because now the vet wants her to stop losing weight. Add more food. Result: more puke. We're still trying to find a happy medium. I hope the new food situation is working for your kittehs!

    Love the knitting pictures. I'm gonna have to look at that sock pattern, it might get to be my next pair.