Wednesday, 10 January 2018

A Message from Nuggies

Happy 2018- I'm a little late to the party. Truth is, I am not quite over the holidays as yet. They were great, lots of fun and my favorite people. It did get stupidly cold, but we had a gorgeous white Christmas and New Years.

I have been enjoying some quiet time. This is almost the best time of year- you can organize your new gifts and maybe clear out some stuff. Speaking of which, some highlights:

Slow knitting- I am sure they don't refer to the snails pace of knitting that goes on here lately.

The Unfinished Palazzo- I am primarily interested in Peggy Guggenheim, but the whole story is fascinating. A gift from the favorite niece.

The New York Times Book of Crime- love this. Gifted from Miss Mew.

The Shepherd's View- I was gifted the book, this is mostly pictures.

A Stash of One's Own- interesting to read that some people don't even hoard yarn. Gifted from FC.

Out of This Century- Peggy Guggenheim's autobiography, restored and updated.

Miss Mew got me this print and framed it. It does go a long way to explaining the world today.
I have a small collection of flat irons. This tailor's model is rare, as the closure is a woman's head and it retains the original grate inside. From the evil twin.
Absolutely beyond cute and beautiful, from a very dear friend. I've decided they stay out all year as I can't bear to just see them at Christmas.

I have made no resolutions. Life is pretty great for me as it is, and yeah, I would love to lose weight and save money, but let's be real, probably won't happen, and why put the pressure on yourself? I did re-organize the stash and passed on some things that will never happen (your tastes and priorities change...) but if I keep adding then how will I ever get to those things I've really wanted to do? I won't say I won't be acquiring, but at the moment I have no desire to do so. So this years mantra is "be content with what you have". 
The guest kitty today is Nuggies- and she has decided that chilling is where it's at. She's a smart little girl.

Fleece out.


  1. I'd keep those little jugs out all year as well. Pretty cat too!

  2. Chilling is a great way to start the New Year. Sounds like you've had a relaxing holiday season, and I hope the peace lasts through 2018! Love the pipe smoking rabbit.

  3. Great print from Miss Mew! I hear you about chilling. And just think, no matter how slowly you're knitting, you're probably knitting faster than I am!

  4. I like your mantra. And I appreciate the slower pace of knitting. It makes me feel less slow! Oh wait not because you are slower than I am but because I haven't knit a stitch all year and there is not a bevy of FO's on your blog.

    Anyway had to pop in and say hello dear friend. Hope the year treats you well