Tuesday, 19 December 2017

It Looks Alot Like....

..you guessed it. I did my wrapping last Monday, and then and only then, can you call yourself done.
Does this give you an idea of this years sentiment? (My niece knows me so well.)
I finished baking this morning. I wasn't going to do even that, but hey. I also sent not one card. I should have called this post "I don't give a crap".
If it were my choice, this would be the only tree I would put up, but Miss Mew decorated the large one.
This years Nutcracker is a King Mouse.
And look how Clawed drinks water- you apparently must go under the kitchen cart.

In knitting news, I have become distracted with making more gloves. This one has 5 shades of J&S Shetland Supreme. They're mine.

I am still working on Halyard. I finally figured out the reason you use progress keepers- to track how much you have done. It seems to be working- I love the little narwhale.

I am looking forward to Christmas vacation- such as it is. May I take this opportunity to wish you and yours the best of holidays. May your wool skein never tangle and you never drop a stitch.

Fleece Navidad.


  1. That narwhal is adorable! And your latest gloves are beautiful. I'm glad you're keeping that pair for yourself.

    Clawed is being a cat. Cats do these things. It is not our to wonder why, just to take pictures of them being silly. :)

    Happy holidays!

  2. Agree with Nicole about the narwhal! :D

    Oh, Clawed. LOL! Hope you had a great holiday - here's to a happy new year!

  3. Those gloves are beautiful. But no matter how warm 5 J&S is, no way are they warm enough to keep away the cold we've been getting (-27C this morning here in Ottawa this morning). Hope you're doing well - I've already got a job working at Canada Post - seasonal for now, but it could turn into more, fingers crossed. Kisses to the boys; Malcolm sends headbutts too.