Monday, 7 August 2017

Bigger On The Inside

Good morning- I meant to post all last week, however I wasn't able to offload my camera, due to someone (cough FC) faffing with the computer. But all is fixed now.

I realize in reading other blogs and things that I haven't done a book review in yonks- and I have been reading quite a bit. This is actually funny- read on- you'll see what I mean. See what I did there?

But first I will share my latest FO, which happens to be a pair of socks.
 Ta-Da! My self-striping Straycat socks. I had so much fun with these- and I think they'll look great with Birks. I know this is an in-progress shot, but I really did finish. Honest Injun.

Okay- the books. A while ago I was looking for some great fiction. I am mainly a non-fiction reader, but sometimes you have to branch out. I decided that a writer I really like is Margaret Drabble and had read a few of hers before.  I Wiki-peed it for you- she is A.S. Byatt's sister.

So if a few were good- then were they all good? I ordered copies from my beloved Awesome books- most of them were in the bargain bin, and it probably cost less for all of these than one new bestseller. So I had a binge of sorts, and they were all great. She has been criticized for writing books that there aren't alot of conclusions to, but her writing is intelligent, and the people have quirks and alot of realism. I particularly enjoyed "The Pure Gold Baby"- which was published in 2013- so she's been around a long time.
This one has intrigued me for a while. The author and her husband live as Victorians. They are so fascinated with the age that they live in an old house with no modern amenities- they even have a paraffin heater and a woodstove. No cars- they bicycle everywhere- he even has a rare "Ordinary" known to most of us as a Penny-farthing. He rides it too. She makes most of their clothes- it would be fascinating to have a talk with them. If you love time travel- this is great.

I would ask her, given the chance- why she wears her corset at night. I'm pretty sure our ancestors took them off every chance they had, and I know they didn't sleep in them. She also seems to be obsessed with the word "quotidien" which means "daily" in English. But other than that- this is interesting. A modern insight into time travel as a chosen lifestyle.

I picked this up at Book City on remainder. I have the other one "Devil In The White City"- which I haven't got to, as it's an e-book, but anyway- this is about the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915. We all know about the Titanic. The Lusitania was a luxury passenger liner owned by Cunard- and she was the victim of a U-boat. Back then, they really didn't think that U-boats were a threat. They also didn't think the Titanic could sink. The boat went down in 18 minutes.

I like the authors style of writing- it's almost like a novel- but all the facts are there and all your questions are answered. I will read more of his for sure.

Gratuitous kitten picture courtesy of Miss Mew. Our Nuggins is getting to be a big girl- and oh-so-cute.



  1. Oh those socks are fabulous!

    I didn't know that Margaret Drabble and her husband live as Victorians. I wouldn't last a day, probably ... :-)

    Oh that kitten-y kitten! Such a cutie pie. xo

  2. Those socks will look WONDERFUL with books!

    You went on quite a reading binge there - I'm glad you found some good ones. :)