Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers On Kittens......

We're coming up on another long weekend- which is known as Canada Day- this year is special because it's 150 years since Confederation. FC and I were going to spend a couple of days in Ottawa, visiting the National Gallery, but it will have to wait until the festivities are over. I hate crowds.

I have been a busy beaver (see what I did there?)- I have just this morning finished my Merchant & Mills dress-
I had a bugger of a time with the inset sleeves- which is why I probably make sleeveless garments mainly. But it's all serged, and came out pretty well.
I used a William Morris print for the back facing, and it adds a nice touch. I also did a straight hem. I would for sure buy again from M&M, the patterns are simple and unfussy. I am currently waiting for this to show up, as I have some indigo and black denim. I am doing the knee length version.
My finished Elizabeth shawl looks pretty good with it. I have begun a new Two Old Bags projects- the Boundary Waters, which has been in my queue for yonks. I celebrated my 10 year Ravelversary on June 18. Where did that decade go?
In between projects, I made this for a new little boy. I added a 3 needle I cord bind off.

On July 1st, Tour de Fleece begins. I am spinning for Team Fat Cat again. The spinning mojo has been missing, but hopefully I can get some of my stash spun.

And speaking of kitties, here is the Nuggins.


  1. Lovely dress Lorraine. I am hoping to make the M & M Trapeze dress sometime. Is that a new adoptee or one you're fostering?

  2. Cute Nuggins! :) And cute cute dress! The shawl is lovely. And what a lucky little boy - that is a great sweater.

    Congrats on 10 Raveling years!

  3. Well you have been busy - and for a whole decade's worth, congratulations!

    The dress is really lovely, and I agree that the shawl should look great with it.

    I hope you have a wonderful long weekend and special Canada Day. Give that kitten a kiss from me!

  4. Such a cute Nuggins! And I love the projects. They look great.

    But oops - the TdF has started - and very nearly finished - and I had completely forgotten about it this year. Oops. I have yarn I was planning on spinning up, too. I guess I'll have to do that on my own.

  5. The dress ended up looking fabulous. Cute kid sweater. I am so bad at the embellishments so very impressed with anybody who gilds the lily so to speak.

    If I had read this sooner I might have done a mini TOB shawl along with you. I personally stalled on a sock right in gusset stage so haven't knit a stitch in eep over a month???? Which has led me to decide I just need to pick up something other than socks to get some mojo going on. I honestly was thinking 'hmmm shawl?' just yesterday.