Tuesday, 13 June 2017

I've Got Cat Class and I've Got Cat Style

Well Summer sure showed it's face in the last couple of days. If you will excuse the expression it was hotter than Satan's buttcrack. We're getting a few days reprieve, but then it's back to steamy heat.

Every year I try to remember all the things I actually like about this time of year, for example hanging laundry on the line, white peaches, black plums, wearing sandals, crazy toenail colours......what else? Birds and flowers I guess. Oh yeah, bbq'ing. I will try to remain positive.

I have been knitting, not sewing, not spinning, not alot of anything. I do have a few fo's I will show you, but they are upstairs drying after being blocked. I am currently:
Making these Halloweenie socks- the yarn is Stray Cat.
I can recommend this yarn for the packaging alone, but it reminds me of Stray Cat Strut. Gotta love that hair.

I also got a package of Hedgehog sock yarn. I first ordered some laceweight yarn from her back in 2010- but admit to being intrigued by these neon speckle colors- the black will be a contrast. I highly recommend this shop- shipped quickly and put in some colorful stitch markers.

Also, I was mentioning this Hinterland Range yarn, and this colour was not on the website. I love it- a medium grey tone, and Rambouilett/Alpaca. This will be my September project- something to look forward to after surviving another summer (I promised I wouldn't do that....)
(one of the culprits)
Howard and Tino have been scrapping- some aggression thing. I have tried Feliway Friends, some stuff you put into their food- Bio Calm, and Bach Rescue Remedy, but the howling and snarling continues. Next step is medication- probably for me.

Okay, Fleecin' out. Stay cool, cats.


  1. I had some luck with Feliway diffusers at my old condo when Chaos was viciously beating up May. Happily, moving to the new condo ended THAT behavior.

    That Stray Cat Strut yarn is great fun!

  2. I was thinking I needed some rescue remedy just yesterday. I swear I am stressed for no reason. And once you get stressed any little thing can set you into rage mode regardless of if you have done the work to calm the f down. I think it is some neurotransmitter pathway thing and the meltdown one forms quicker and stronger than the chill one.

    And in the knitting front you know that gray has my motor humming.

  3. I love the Halloweenie socks! Must look into Stray Cat yarn.

    Also, I got some Hedgehog sock speckle yarn at Stitches West this year. I've been wanting to knit it up soon, so maybe that will be my next sock project once I cast off the ones currently OTN. Nice to know the online shop is good, too! I bought mine through a US retailer.