Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Spot The Difference

I looked at the last time I posted and it's been almost a month. Wow, time really does get away from you when you're not paying much attention.

Not really alot happening here. I got out and cleaned up the front and back yards, as well as the flower beds. All that bending and raking always kills me this time of year- but it's fairly maintenance free, just weeding and planting up the urns- I have cast iron ones and just plunk flower baskets in them.

On the knitting front, I am still doing the sleeves on the cardigan-of-dread, and managed to distract myself by finishing another pair of gloves.
I kept the colours in these subdued- and now that I am looking at them I see I FORGOT TO ADD THE LAST PATTERN ON THE ONE ON THE LEFT!!!!  How out of it am I?  Day-umm. Edit: I have since chopped off the fingers and will add the missing pattern- and knit 4 more fingers.

Moving along- I have also been distracted by cross stitch. I love cross stitch, but not the twee, cutesy ones.  More "primitive" country-ish.
This is a pinkeep- and I have a mini pompom trim.

Okay, I have some off-the-Richter cute here:
We brought the baby to the vet- she's the one with the twisted legs. I am pleased to report that she's developed the muscles and is now motoring around no problems. Miss Mew let me hold the Nuggins and now we are at the point of not giving her up for adoption. Of course, my three brutes would have something to say about that- but maybe she could keep her and no one would notice?

I'll let you know how that pans out (eyeroll)........



  1. The gloves are great despite the missing pattern bit. Gotta love that sweet little kitten.

  2. Awww! Kittens are just so dangerously cute...

    D'oh about the mitten! I hate when I do stuff like that, in art or knitting or whatever.

  3. I completely understand about fixing the gloves, but I kinda like the one with the missing top pattern better. Probably just me being difficult.

    And such an adorable little baby! Good to hear she's up and running about.

  4. That kitten is adorable.