Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A Little Ironing..... and A Side of Cat Fur

 “If we are constantly consuming, then we are not creating.”
Joshua Fields Millburn,
Minimalism: Essential Essays

Last week was the one in the year where I endeavor to have all my medical appointments. I don't think anyone enjoys it, but I try to make it as painless as possible (see what I did there?). My doctor is very nice, I don't need any invasive exams and the lab where you do your bloodwork is in the building. I've done my mammogram, and will have my eye exam in March. Done and dusted.

I try not to be crabby about these things. There are so many people who have no access to good health care, and if they do, they can't afford it. I'm not about to get political here, but Canada does look after it's people. It's not perfect, but it's something to think about.

Hard to believe it's February. We're having mild temperatures and then freezing rain. I think I've worn my snowboots once. Very odd.

In knitting news, I have opted out of the KnitBritish KAL. The pattern I chose was just not doing it for me, so I frogged and will use the fabulous Cornish Tin for something else. I am working on my Southwell cardigan, which, at the moment, doesn't look like much.

Bear in mind, it is fingering weight, and you are doing increases and a cable top-down, so this isn't a quick project.

I'm all about quality-over-quantity now. At the start of the year I decided that spending is part of life. I realize that I do get caught up in buying frenzies- and ironically, am interested in buying less. If there is something I want or need (and there is a difference) I write it down. If, in a few weeks, I'm still jonesing for it, I re-think it. Interesting how many purchases are impulsive. I do get a thrill from the buy, but not so thrilled a few weeks later.

I watched a documentary by these guys. It didn't really reveal anything I didn't really know or consider before, but the context is interesting. It shows people on Black Friday Sales beating each other and lining up. Do people ever see themselves? Companies like Apple really do have it figured out- make people believe they can't live without the latest Iphone or watch or whatever. 
Onward and upward. I have put out my bulbs- after I did a major clean out of the kitchen. I don't know what colour these Hyacinths are, as it was a mixed pack.
And this little guy is keeping FC's shirts warm before I iron them. So helpful,
Clawdie. A little cat-hair always adds to the experience.


  1. Lorraine, I know what you mean. I am finally at the point where I'll see something I think I would like to have. I tell myself if I'm still thinking about it in 2 days, I can go back and see if it is still there. Most of the time I forget completely.

    Cats and fresh laundry - a match made in (cat) heaven!

  2. I love that quote - coming soon to an art journal near you! :)

    Your plan for minimizing impulsive purchases sounds like a good one.

    Hi, Clawd!

  3. An outfit isn't truly complete without a little cat fur... or so Suzy would have me believe.

    I, too, have been tracking my desired purchases and then waiting before buying them. So far, I've come up with a lot of things that I "want eventually" but don't need right now. Much different than my previous "I must have it!" attitude. Of course, there have been one or two things that I did still find a desire (and a need) for. Still, it cuts back on so many impulse buys.