Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Midwinter Musing

"We are all in the gutter,
but some of us are looking at the stars"

Oscar Wilde

Hello there, on this, the second week of January.  I don't think I went out all last week, except to the store. Oh yes, and Fabricland to get quilt batting.

Miss Mew and I decided to do a skill exchange, she will put a zip in her brother's hoodie, and I will finish her table runner. So I did. This is Moda fabric- really beautiful. She has to hand sew the binding on the back.

Also, I finished the lace edging on the shawl, so all my projects from 2016 are done and dusted. This puppy is huge, and took well over 2300 yds, so the pattern estimate of 1700 is way off. I just have to block.
Over on the KnitBritish Podcast, Louise is having a Blacker Yarn Kal/Cal.
I adore Blacker Yarn- and bought up some limited edition Cornish Tin II. My friend and I have chosen the Fallston shawl by Dee O'Keefe. She is a standout among the bajillion designers on Ravelry- and I love her patterns and aesthetic.This begins on January 19th- March 4th. It's a runner up to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, which I won't be attending. (rats).

I have cast on a new project, Southwell Cardigan in the nicest yarn ever, Sherwood Yarn BFL in Holly Blue. It is a fine gauge, so not a quick knit, but wonderful to work with.

I think that's enough yarn porn for today (like there can be enough...) so let's see what Clawed-y is doing.
Oh dear- I seem to have interrupted his mid-morning nap.

Fleece out.


  1. Nice picks for the new projects. I love the colour of that BFL.

  2. I have yet to try the Blacker yarns and I feel I really must fix that. Also your shawl looks lovely. I probably just missed your naming the pattern. Off to Ravelry for me. And lastly --where did you find the cat fabric. My cat mad child needs more cats in her life and due to the size of our digs we are pet free.

  3. I love whatever Clawed is napping on! Yay for finishing all your 2016 projects! :)

    I think last week I only went out to the parking lot (trash to the dumpster). It was just too cold to do anything else.