Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A Toy Mousie By Any Other Name

Kathy has some questions on her blog this week that are fun play along:

1. What fear have you conquered? 
2. What’s your favorite spicy  food?
3. What’s a color you never wear? 
4. When sock knitters want a bigger needle project, what do you knit?
5. When did you last read Shakespeare? 
6. Are you gregarious or solitary?
7. What’s your favorite cookie recipe and why?
8. Do you dip your PB and J in milk? (Fireman!)
9. Do you feel you are becoming a better knitter or have your skills leveled off?
10. When’s the last time you broke a needle?

1. Any fears that are I have (the crawl space, air travel, some spiders and being alone at night) still exist. I can, however, kill any insect that invades. Even those milliepedes.

2. Nope. Don't do spicy on any level.

3. Red. Some shades of pink. Makes me look like a white lab mouse.

4. A hat.

5. I admit it, I don't "get" Shakespeare. Never did.

6. Solitary by nature.

7. Ginger molasses- they're scrummy!

8. My son is highly allergic, and even if he wasn't, I wouldn't.

9. Better- I like to challenge myself and master new skills.

10. I broke an Addi Turbo and exchanged it- they're guaranteed. In the fall when I was working on Alex's gansey.

I think I have the January blahs. I feel like drinking at least 3 pots of tea in the morning, and I have the urge to clear everything out of the house. Because I don't access the crawlspace (see question 1) I have to wait for FC.
By then, the urge has passed. I really need to deep clean the kitchen and the china cabinet, and I haven't. C'est la vie.
I am working on my Sandness shawl for the British Knits Blacker Podkal. I did change my mind about the other one, but I am using Cornish Tin II. The centre is the boring part- so maybe this is contributing to my ennui.
I am also doing some Crofthoose fingerless gloves- but these have partial fingers. I have a huge stash of Shetland, and these are quick and fun to do.

My big boy, Tino, has discovered a cache of mousies in the basement, and likes to announce his kill, in a very LOUD voice. Of course, I praise him, and tell him what a wonderful big game hunter he is, for bagging a big one.

Too much.

Fleecin' out.


  1. Millipedes are my nemesis. I cannot stand them, and they keep showing up!

  2. Oh, I love those gloves! They are awesome. Love them.

    I never wear yellow if I can help it. It doesn't go well with my Chinese ancestry.

    And I just finished reading a Shakespeare last week. Before that it had been years (maybe decades?) but right now it's been a week. :)

  3. Those gloves are great. :)

    What a good hunter - you go, Tino!

  4. Your mitts are beautiful. Good progress on that shawl too.