Monday, 16 July 2018

Is There an Igloo for Rent?

You would have to be a mad dog, not sure about an Englishman, to be out in today's heat. 41C with the humidex- and that's been the story for much of the summer. I heard today that the rest of July and August are going to be seasonal- and I am clinging desperately to that.

This has been a pretty unproductive summer so far. I had great plans too- I was going to piece a quilt for the TV room, make table runners, spin and do  a ton of knitting. Yeah, it hasn't happened. I didn't even take part in the Tour de Fleece. I sold 2 of my spinning wheels, my Ladybug and the Wee Peggy. I think the guilt about not using them just finally got to me.

I have been knitting a bit....
This is the second pair of Milet mittens- they do go surprisingly quick, but you sort of need to actually do it. Le sigh.
I began these socks- the pattern is Salix by Verybusymonkey. Her patterns are always great, she's a real favourite of mine. The yarn is a new-to-me dyer,
Midknit Cravings- and I really like her yarn.

This summer, every Saturday night we are watching a film by David Lynch. The book above was just available in June. Lynch always said he had no interest in doing an autobiography. The format of the book was interviews done by a writer he trusted, and he adds commentary at the end of the chapters. It was fascinating and worth the wait. If you're a fan of Lynch, and I am a huge one, this is a must read. He always remained true to his visions- and the one time he gave up final cut on a film- Dune- he realized he wouldn't do it again, but it taught him something. He also feels, through TM (Transcendental Meditation) that world peace is achievable in this lifetime. You have to admire that- he walks the walk.

I am attempting a new hobby, which I am loving more than I thought I ever would, and have made time in my day for practice.

Make room in your life for something you love. Peace out.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The Good, The Bad and the Downright Ugly

I'll begin with the good. This week, a new royal baby was born. I was sitting at the Volkswagon dealership waiting for an oil change. I was thinking how nice it was to see some good news, and everyone looked so happy.

Later, a news report of an incident of people being killed while outside in North Toronto, by some guy who had anger issues. You can read about that here-  and I wondered how something like this happens. There is no answer, and there is no making sense of any of it. What is most hard to come to terms with is why the need for all those families who suffered loss, and those injured? Let's be clear- it could happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and the lack of control any of us have over it is overwhelming.

Okay. I've said what I need to.

I've been working on my Brighton Rock. This is slow growing, and I have very little attention span.

I've finished some Harris Tweed socks (free pattern on Ravelry). A really simple, but effective pattern, in Socks That Rock "Pumpkin Patched".

The kitties are going through an enforced adjustment. Usually, they are allowed to graze the kibble bowl, and I give them soft food every morning. What has been happening is that bully Clawed nudges the other two away from theirs when he hoovers up his, and they get very little, and he throws up from eating too fast. So, everyone gets a tablespoon of kibble, and I split a can of soft food 3 ways. Twice a day.

They are so hungry they eat whatever they get. Less waste, less rotund kitties. We also get rock'em sock'em robots while I'm filling the bowls.
Clawed gives me the deathstare, usually around dinner time. In the morning, if that food isn't out and I am still in bed, he chomps my calf. How do they know where to inflict the most pain?

Better times, huh?

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Greetings From The Rabbit Hole

Hey! How are you? I realize that I haven't blogged in an absolute age. I guess I've been hanging around Instagram quite a bit, and that's become my social media.

I have been trying to keep up-to-date with my friends in Blogland. This past winter was cold, and I seem to have made it through all my yearly medical appointments, including the dental visit from hell. But we're here for the knitting, aren't we?

I have been concentrating on finishing up a few projects from 2017. Mentally, I find it hard to move on when there is unfinished
I finally finished my Halyard cardigan. I ordered special buttons from Etsy.
This will be my new go-to sweater, it's soft and flattering and I absolutely love it. It took a while to finish, as I prefer knitting something a little more complicated, but those are not the things I actually wear, so there is something Freudian about that, I think.

I also finished the edging on this Boundary Waters shawl. This is from an almost vintage pattern by Two Old Bags, but their charting and patterns are superb. I used BMFA Laci in the colour "In The Navy" which I felt was appropriate. Finally blocked and done. Tino is decidedly unimpressed.
I have moved onto socks and will be joining this KAL from Lori at Oceanwind Knits called "Jangles"- the heel looks interesting and the KAL begins tomorrow.

I'll be using my Bunny bag, because it's seasonally appropriate, and I love rabbits anyway.
And finally, this has been years in the making, but The Vintage Shetland Project has landed, and I want to carve out some time to read this. I have been so looking forward to it, and the authors health challenges seem to make all the more special, as she went through so much and she came out the other side. I crowdfunded and got a pin, notecards and a tote bag too.
Really happy about this.

So nice to spend time with you and hope everyone is well. I'll be fleecin' out until next time.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

A Message from Nuggies

Happy 2018- I'm a little late to the party. Truth is, I am not quite over the holidays as yet. They were great, lots of fun and my favorite people. It did get stupidly cold, but we had a gorgeous white Christmas and New Years.

I have been enjoying some quiet time. This is almost the best time of year- you can organize your new gifts and maybe clear out some stuff. Speaking of which, some highlights:

Slow knitting- I am sure they don't refer to the snails pace of knitting that goes on here lately.

The Unfinished Palazzo- I am primarily interested in Peggy Guggenheim, but the whole story is fascinating. A gift from the favorite niece.

The New York Times Book of Crime- love this. Gifted from Miss Mew.

The Shepherd's View- I was gifted the book, this is mostly pictures.

A Stash of One's Own- interesting to read that some people don't even hoard yarn. Gifted from FC.

Out of This Century- Peggy Guggenheim's autobiography, restored and updated.

Miss Mew got me this print and framed it. It does go a long way to explaining the world today.
I have a small collection of flat irons. This tailor's model is rare, as the closure is a woman's head and it retains the original grate inside. From the evil twin.
Absolutely beyond cute and beautiful, from a very dear friend. I've decided they stay out all year as I can't bear to just see them at Christmas.

I have made no resolutions. Life is pretty great for me as it is, and yeah, I would love to lose weight and save money, but let's be real, probably won't happen, and why put the pressure on yourself? I did re-organize the stash and passed on some things that will never happen (your tastes and priorities change...) but if I keep adding then how will I ever get to those things I've really wanted to do? I won't say I won't be acquiring, but at the moment I have no desire to do so. So this years mantra is "be content with what you have". 
The guest kitty today is Nuggies- and she has decided that chilling is where it's at. She's a smart little girl.

Fleece out.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

It Looks Alot Like.... guessed it. I did my wrapping last Monday, and then and only then, can you call yourself done.
Does this give you an idea of this years sentiment? (My niece knows me so well.)
I finished baking this morning. I wasn't going to do even that, but hey. I also sent not one card. I should have called this post "I don't give a crap".
If it were my choice, this would be the only tree I would put up, but Miss Mew decorated the large one.
This years Nutcracker is a King Mouse.
And look how Clawed drinks water- you apparently must go under the kitchen cart.

In knitting news, I have become distracted with making more gloves. This one has 5 shades of J&S Shetland Supreme. They're mine.

I am still working on Halyard. I finally figured out the reason you use progress keepers- to track how much you have done. It seems to be working- I love the little narwhale.

I am looking forward to Christmas vacation- such as it is. May I take this opportunity to wish you and yours the best of holidays. May your wool skein never tangle and you never drop a stitch.

Fleece Navidad.

Monday, 27 November 2017


I have been missing in action recently. On Saturday, Miss Mew got married.
We had a lovely day, in a lovely place and everyone was so happy.
 Instead of a bouquet she chose a muff, and had a mink hat with a veil attached. Perfect for a November wedding.
FC, my sister and I- we wore the same dress only in different colours.  Pearls and the same style of shoes.
The happy couple. Mr. and Mrs. Mew.

Other than that, I have just finished my holiday shopping- online, as there is no way I am going near the mall at this time of year.

I'll be back soon with some knitting content, but I thought I would share this with you today.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017


I'll continue with my desertation for new knitters... but as we all know, it's Halloween! My favorite night of the year. And this year we have a Pusheen-o-ween!
Can you stand it? I was out last week meeting a friend who is on her way to bigger and better things. You may recognize her from my patterns.
She also picked up some Pusheenery- a true friend who shares the obsession.

I sewed up some cross-stitch pinkeeps and pillows for gifts. I've also done some hats.

The top 2 are the Rilo pattern, a freebie and a terrific pattern.The last one is Sheephaven.

So, a couple of points I wanted to add to last week's post are as follows:

1. On the subject of books, I recommend you get a stitch dictionary- the Harmony guides are wonderful. More interesting is history. Once you learn about traditional knitting, it makes knitting a thousand times more interesting. You may develop a love for stranded colourwork, Fishermans gansies and Irish Arans. I did. And I read anything I can about the people and places. How about Estonian lace? Norwegian Selbuvotter? Chilean Chullos?

2. Keep notes. When I make something I keep notes on what yarn I used (and whether I liked it) the size of needles, if the recipient liked it, and so on. That's where Ravelry becomes invaluable, because often I will change needle sizes or tweak the pattern. This becomes helpful to someone else who likes that project and is thinking of knitting it, or maybe you subbed your yarn and they want to see what it looks like.

3. Do what YOU enjoy. Hey, if you like making socks, make socks. I know there is a trend toward simple shawls and brioche stitch now, but I have had my fill of them, and if YOU like doing something, you needn't explain or justify it. Maybe you like doing toys -some of the patterns are complex, but the results are amazing.

4. Try a new technique. That's what is so wonderful about knitting- there is always something to learn. I have my preferences, but you will develop yours.

5. Try a get-together or a knit night if there is one locally. It's a wonderful way to be inspired and make some knit buddies. Or, how about a blog, or Instagram. You'll meet loads of cool people from all over the world.

Have a spooktacular Halloween.

Fleece out.